Untrimmed & Install Information

Like many other premium wall-coverings in the industry, drop it MODERN® wallpapers are manufactured and shipped untrimmed for several important reasons:  

  1. Damage prevention:  Selvedge edges (the .5” white trim margins on the vertical sides of your roll) are provided to protect the wall covering from damage during shipping and installation. Without this cushion, the likelihood of damage to the raw edges of the wallpaper is high.
  2. High Quality Installation: Trimming is usually preferred by skilled installers to ensure complete control over variances including size of wall and bowing of wall. It allows for better control over matching seams on site for superior outcomes. 
  3. Perfect Seams: drop it MODERN® wallpapers are designed for a perfectly butted seam installation via dry trimming or double cutting. All wallpapers are provided untrimmed. Be sure to hire an installer who is experienced in one of these specialized trimming methods for seamless results.

      What kind of trim will my wallpaper have upon arrival? 

      drop it MODERN© offers two different trim options: 

      1. 1" Overlap No Cut Lines: This is the preferred trim style, and default selection for all orders. First, remove the .5" white edge protector border. Next, apply wallpaper to wall with .5" design overlap intact. Next, double cut the excess trim on the wall by lining up the pattern and overlapping one strip of wallpaper over the other and cutting through both layers to form a perfectly joined butt seam on the wall. There are no cut lines on the paper. *Custom overlaps available upon request, please email for more information. *See image below
      2. Add Cut Lines: This is a specialized trim practice that includes special cut indicator lines that are printed on the paper to assist in dry trimming; however, the cut must be PRECISE or else it will interfere with the match of the wallpaper. Please email for more information on this trim style. *See image below 

      Hire a Professional Installer who is properly trained in wallpaper trimming:

      • Before hiring installers for your job make sure they are familiar and experienced with wallpaper trimming practices. If they do not like working with untrimmed wallpapers it could be that they lack experience in this method, which could compromise your installation. We recommend checking in with Wallcovering Installers Association to source a professional in your area, be sure to inquire about trimming practices prior to hiring. 

      Compatible Trim methods with drop it MODERN© wallpapers: 

      1. Dry Trimming: This method utilizes a large flat table or surface in which the selvage edges are cut off prior to hanging wallpaper. This is a common trim selection when our 30"W residential papers are utilized. 
      1. Double Cutting:  This is a specialized practice that allows for a perfect “butted seam,” with no hairline errors or unmatched panels that trimming on table could cause. It is preferred if your installer is skilled in this craftsmanship and also necessary for commercial installations where large walls are included and bowing is a factor. Double Cutting is a common trim selection when our 54"W commercial papers are utilized. Double cutting is a specialized practice for seasoned installers only it is not for beginners.

      Important Installer Note- when working with our residential matte papers installers will need to take extra care in using single-edged, freshly sharpened razor blades so the paper does not rip while trimming. 


      A few more important notes for your Installer: 

      • - Our residential-use paper comes sized 30”W untrimmed. Once trimmed our papers provide 28”W nominal use.  
      • - Our commercial-use paper comes sized 54”W untrimmed. Once trimmed our papers provide 52”W nominal use. 
      • - All of our wallpapers are sold by a Single Roll sized 10'L. If you order more than one single roll we will bundle and ship together on 1 larger roll to consolidate for shipping. 
      • - drop it MODERN® wallpapers require a Paste the Paper application. 
      • - All of our papers include a Straight Match in the pattern orientation. 
      • - High Quality, premixed adhesive such as Roman Pro- 880 is preferred for our residential use papers. 
      • - Roman products also offer extra coatings including a mildew inhibitor for humid environments. 
      • - In the event that you want to further preserve your walls, we suggest applying a protective topcoat such as DreamGuard. 

      Buyers Responsibility: 
      1. - Paper quantities required for your job need to be carefully calculated. Confirming with your installer prior to purchasing would be a good idea since installation practices vary and could affect the amount of paper needed to complete the job.
      2. - Drop it MODERN® will ship what is listed on invoice and cannot be responsible for paper shortages or incorrect calculations pertaining to a job. 
      3. - Confirm color ahead of time via physical sample. Please note that all computer screens register colors differently. We highly recommend ordering a swatch of your wallpaper before placing the full order to ensure you’re happy with the color. 
      4. - Wallpaper runs are subject to vary slightly in color depending on when the job is ran. To ensure consistent color output for your project, we suggest ordering an extra roll from the same batch. 
      The highest quality and craftsmanship has been employed in the production of the designs in drop it MODERN® printed portfolio, and our product is carefully inspected before shipment. Before opening the first roll it is the buyer’s responsibility to verify that the pattern and quantity are correct and that there are no defects. In the event that an error is found- stop immediately, do not install defective material. Please contact us at and we will correct your order. *Please note, we will require the defective material to be sent back to us for inspection. 


        In heavy traffic areas, stains caused by grease and oil may not necessarily be removed. In the case that you want to attempt to wash the paper, a mild soap that does not contain detergent is preferred.  Do not scratch or use an abrasive brush on the paper, it will cause permanent damage. Drop it MODERN® cannot re responsible for damage done to paper due to washing attempts of any kind. We highly recommend utilizing a protective topcoat during the installation process to prevent any stains. (DreamGuard is suggested)  

        - Care of our Removable Paper: In the event that the corners of your paper’s adhesive have started to wear with time, an industrial grade double-sided tape is recommended to prolong the life of the wallpaper.